If you’d like to promote Instant Law of Attraction Success, you need to join my affiliate program which is run by Warrior Plus.

To promote Instant Law of Attraction Success, click this link. Depending on your standing in Warrior Plus, you may qualify for instant commissions through PayPal.

Keywords list – ideal for PPC ads & article titles

Here is a law of attraction keywords spreadsheet with over 130 keywords that you can use to promote Instant Law of Attraction Success.

The list is a good place to start with keywords.

An excellent way to find keywords that have liitle or no competition is to use the suggestions that come up when you start typing in Google.

If you have Google Instant turned on, you’ll get 4 suggestions. If you turn Google Instant off (go to the settings “cog” in Google), you’ll get up to 10 suggestions. These are in order of popularity and are based on what people are currently searching for.

If you create a PPC advert, send it to a page on your own site rather than directly to Instant Law of Attraction Success. This puts you more in control and keeps Google Adwords happier.


Here are 5 articles you can use on your website or elsewhere to promote Instant Law of Attraction Success. You can use them “as is” or modify them – the only requirements are that you use them to promote Instant Law of Attraction Success and that you do not spam or use any methods that would contravene the relevant terms of service for wherever you distribute them.

Whilst the articles above are a good start, it’s always better to use original articles.

The service I use for this is iWriter.

With them, you’re the editor so you need to exercise your editorial control. I give my writers very specific instructions and get generally good results for a very low cost.

Email messages

If you’ve got an email list of subscribers, here are some suggested emails that you could send out to them.

Subject line:

{!firstname_fix} How to make the Law of Attraction work for you – instantly

E-mail Message:

Hi {!firstname_fix}

The law of attraction is working for everyone – you included – all the time.

The trouble most of us have is harnessing it so that it works in our favor rather than against us.

And that’s where Instant Law of Attraction Success comes in.

It’s a set of 30 short MP3 audios that you can play as often as you want.

Each audio has a specific topic, so you can home in on any area of your life that you want to improve with the law of attraction. Whether that’s your health, your wealth, your relationships or anything else.

Check it out here:

All the best,

Your Name

Copy and paste the above email into your favorite autoresponder. Remember to replace zzzzz with your own DigiResults ID. If you’re not using AWeber for your email service, remember to also change the personalization part.

Follow-up email:

Subject line:

{!firstname_fix} Have you checked out Instant Law of Attraction Success yet?

E-mail Message:

Hi {!firstname_fix}

A short while ago, I told you about a program called Instant Law of Attraction Success.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s definitely worth a look:

It’s a series of 30 short MP3 audios that cover every aspect of making the law of attraction work in your life. From attracting more wealth through to being happier and healthier.

Unlike some other programs I’ve used, this one works!

One of the big plus points is the fact that each audio is short, so you can always find the time to listen to whichever one you need to work on at this moment.

They’re all in one convenient location and you can download all the audios to your MP3 player so you can listen to them wherever and whenever you want.

Check them out here:

All the best,

Your Name

Subliminal MP3

I’ve created a Law of Attraction subliminal MP3 which I give away to people here.

If you’d like to offer this MP3 to your list, you can download it here. The only conditions are that you use it to promote Instant Law of Attraction Success and that you host the file yourself (don’t link directly to it here!).


Videos are one of the best ways to promote products nowadays.

YouTube is growing and videos regularly appear in the search results.

The best way is to create your own video using a program such as Screencast-o-matic – very affordable (the free version has a small watermark, the paid version is just $15 a year) and easy to use.

It’s a good idea to show the download page as well as the main sales page. Here’s an image of the download page that will open in your browser and you can scroll through as you make your video.

Press Releases

These are a quick way to get traffic to your site. Here’s a press release I’ve had written for this product that’s been distributed to various sites.